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    "...the story also managed to touch upon issues of discrimination in society today, which often lead to the people on the receiving end of such feeling insecure and vulnerable. As an African-American, Thea revealed later on in the story why she didn’t have much friends back home on earth. She felt that she was different from them due to her physical features, and was afraid that the other kids would judge her as well for them. Thus, she resolved to be mean to them and push them away. Thea reasoned that it was better for them to hate her because of her unpleasantness rather than her skin color. I think that was the part that helped me to understand and appreciate her character the most.

    The plot is most definitely unique. With a traitor in their midst, the Academy felt unsafe, especially for the students. There’s probably a 0.0000000001 chance that you’ll find out who the guilty offender is..." Alyana,

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"...I liked how Ms. David kept me guessing who the bad guy was (I can usually figure out what the ending will be in books, but not in this one)..." -

"...This book is basically Harry Potter in space...Linda David has also imitated the Harry Potter model in mixing humour with a thrilling plot (involving dark matter and an attempt to control the universe), and, ends with a great, Rowling-esque twist..."

Book 2

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